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About us

Our skills

We distinguish ourselves through an excellent customer contact, professional work and competent processing.

  • Targeted development

    We set our goals firmly and set ourselves all the necessary deadlines to achieve these goals.

  • Extensive competence

    Our competences range from Java, Swift to Node.JS and PHP.

  • Young team

    Our team has a low age average, so we always go with the latest technology.

  • Continuous accessibility

    Thanks to flexible working hours, we can be reached almost around the clock.

about us

Who we are

Our team is currently composed of seven members of young age groups. Founded in 2014, we had enough time to get a working foundation. We have many years of experience with the development of mobile apps, (entertainment) software and web sites. We are independent of external services since our team covers all the necessary areas for smooth work. The VoxelBoxStudios® attach great importance to personal contact with customers in order to provide an optimal communication relationship. We also attach great importance to working with other developers. Our products offer interfaces that can be addressed, so other developers can also participate in our products.

Current events

Current events, activities and excursions of our team.